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The first time I tried to start a business I thought there was something wrong with me
   Nick palkowski
What if there was a proven strategy you could follow to grow your business?

What if there were thousands of people waiting to hear from you... 
Ready to take action on what you say...
Happy to pay you for your advice. 

Contrary to what you might think is a proven strategy to make this happen. 
These are repeatable, scaleable strategies that aren't complicated. But the details matter. 
My name is Nick Palkowski and I am the founder of Your Podcast Guru.
At Your Podcast Guru we work to help authors, speakers, and entrepreurs grow their business by focusing on creating a relationship with their audience. 
That comes down to consistently creating content through our favorite medium... podcasting.
It can be broken down into two simple steps. 
Step 1: Deliver highly valueable content on a regular basis
Step 2: Set up sequences to automatically nurture those relationships from anonymous listeners to paying clients
For example...
Last month we implemeted on new content strategy for a client. They were already delivering a weekly podcast, and their number of downloads was steadily growing. But there email list was only creeping up by 2 to 3 subscribers a week. 
We needed a way to encourage listeners to raise their hand and join their email list. We scoured their past podcast episodes looking for ones that got great engagement and downloads. From there we selected the top three and created a Lead Magnet that complimented the podcast episode. 
These podcast episodes were still getting regular downloads each week so we edited the audio file to contain a 30 second commercial about 75% of the way through the podcast (Long enough to know they were really into the topic but early enough to ensure as many listeners as possible heard it.) 
The commercial sent them back to the shownotes page to download the Lead Magnet that served as a content upgrade. And voila! New email subscribers started rolling in. 
Over the next two weeks we promoted the newly upgrade podcast episodes on social media to drive extra traffic and the email list kept climbing. We've even added an opt-in box (using Leadbox from Leadpages) to the bottom of new podcast episodes which brings in a handful of subscribers even though the lead magnet isn't in direct alignment with the podcast episode topic. 
With those three content upgrades alone the email list is now growing at double digits per day. 
The strategy isn't hard. It's not complicated. But if you don't constantly research and test new things you'll miss out on the changing dynamics in podcasting that can easily grow your business. 
That's why we're here.
We are here to help you do what you do best (create amazing content), while we take care of the rest. 
Stop guessing about the changes in podcasting and growing a business with a podcast. We are here to bring you the latest strategies following sound marketing principles. 
To get those strategies emailed to you every week, just enter your email address below and we'll send them to you for free along with the content upgrade strategy I talked about above. 
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