This weekend was incredible weather here in the Madison area! I got out a lot and I hope you were able to, too!

It was great to get a break from the studio for a couple days because I’ve been recording like crazy!

In the last week I’ve interviewed 15 entrepreneurs and now after a quick weekend recharge I’m ready to dive into another 6 this week.

Why so many?

I’m interviewing to these successful entrepreneurs in preparation for the Impact & Income Summit.

For this summit they are sharing their best advice and strategies on how to get your message out into the world in order to create an impact and an income.

We’re talking about people like Jeff Goins, Grant Baldwin, Joel Comm, and Josh Shipp all providing insights they’ve learned while growing their business.

Great stuff!!

But do you know what surprised me the most….??

In almost every single interview two themes appeared again and again.

In this episode, I’ll dive into what these two themes were and cover some strategies to put into place in your business around them.

So don’t miss it!! 🙂

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