I’m hosting a free 5 Day Get Started Podcasting Challenge next week, and I’d love for you to join!

If you’re just starting out, I’m here to help! Keep on reading…

One of the biggest frustrations I see would be podcasters go through is a massive sense of overwhelm. They are overwhelmed with all the equipment options. They are overwhelmed with a fear of not being good enough. They are simply overwhelmed with not know where to get started.

Podcasting has an incredible power to get in front of new people, build relationships with your audience, and develop a community of raving fans who want to work with you!

But, too often people with inspiring messages shy away from podcast because of that feeling of overwhelm.

Now, I’ve broken down to getting started process into a few simple challenges that can be completed in 30-60 minutes a day over a five day period.

Today producing valuable content for your audience on a consistent basis is a must. That’s why I always recommend podcasting as early as possible, even before you have a website up and running.

So, whether you already have a business or blog, or you have no idea where to start and don’t even have a website yet, this challenge will be exactly what you need.

Starting Monday, November 28th, for 5 consecutive days, I’ll be sending you 1 email with specific instructions to help you get started podcasting.

If you’re up to it, click on the link below.

Click here to participate in the 5 Day Get Started Podcasting Challenge!

After registering, you’ll get an email and information about the challenge and a few steps to help you get the most out of these five days.

This’ll be fun! November 28th is when we start, and I look forward to speaking to you then!


Podcasting Challenge


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