We’re now into Day 3 of our 5 Day Get Started Podcasting Challenge!

Great work!

You now have a selected your equipment and built a solid foundation for your podcast business.

Now it’s time to talk about getting your podcast to stand out!

You won’t get listeners if your branding and visuals don’t speak to your ideal audience.

iTunes is by far the largest podcast directory. This is where people go to find new podcasts to listen to (even if they use a different player they are likely still connected through iTunes).

iTunes (and other directories) are essentially search engines for podcasts.

In order to stand out to the right potential listeners you need to do three things Get Found, Get Listeners, and Get Fans. Day three of the Podcasting Challenge will help you do just that.

In this training video you’ll discover the key areas you need to focus on in order to be sure your podcast is discovered, listened and subscribed to.


Download the Transcript for Episode #030 (PDF)


Podcasting Challenge

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