It’s time to talk about something new…

I’ve been in the podcasting world for almost ten years now. As a fan, a creator, a consultant.

A LOT as changed in that time… and the rate of change is only increasing!

It’s amazing to see the growth of podcasting. More people are listening. More people are creating. The tools and software are getting better and better.

But something is being lost in all this progress.


A big reason for the rise of podcasts have been the connection they allow between a podcaster and the audience.

When they first started it was easy to maintain that connection but now as podcasts have become more mainstream, the production quality has needed to increase, the audiences have grown, and that personal connection… that relationship has suffered some.

It’s understandable that as podcasts grow but a huge pet peeve of mine when a business owner starts forgetting what their business is all about… solving problems for their audience.

That only happens when you have a real connection with your audience.

A connection that doesn’t happen by ONLY interviewing experts who are making the rounds on the podcast circuit.

Your audience deserves more than that. Your business deserves more than that. You deserve more than that.

That’s why I’m glad you’ve joined me on this new journey.

We’re going to have a lot of fun.

Here’s the plan.

Every weekday you’ll get an email covering a key business lesson or principle to help grow your audience and podcast business.

Don’t worry, most of the emails will be short. And will have a companion video. You can read. You can watch. Or you can watch and read.

I promise you’ll get valuable insights in every email.

Alrighty, one more thing.

You might be wondering how I can possibly be so confident about the results and value that you’ll get from these emails when I’m just starting to do the strategy myself.

Great question.

It’s a huge pet peeve of mine (and I’m guessing for you too) when people try to teach and sell something they just heard or learned about themselves.

That’s why I want to be transparent here.

Nothing about this strategy is totally new or out in left field. You’re going to see this is all about using proven marketing and content principles.

It’s all about connection. It’s connection that has consistently built amazing businesses for decades. It’s connection that will continue to build amazing businesses for decades to come.

These strategies are just about creating connection in our new rapidly changing environment online.

When you put them together in just the right way…that’s when the magic happens. That’s when it becomes something truly unique.

This is just a new way of using them.

OK. Enough for today. This email is already getting too long. I’ll be back tomorrow with more.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how you can set your business up to be a consistent problem solver for your audience.

Check out the video for today where I talk more about what to expect moving forward.

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