Welcome to the podcasting equipment page. It’s important for me to tell you that you can get started podcasting at almost no expense. However, our focus is on growing your business, so while you don’t need to spend thousands on podcasting equipment to start, you should be willing to make an investment to get started.


ATR2100: Are you looking to start a podcast but not sure what microphone is right for you? In this video I review the best mic to get you high quality sound without breaking the bank. This is a very versatile dynamic microphone. It as both USB and XLR connections. Making it a great starting microphone that will allow you to slowly upgrade. YourPodcastGuru.com/ATR2100

Hell PR40: This is the premium podcast mic. If you are looking for the highest quality, and best sound go with this one. YourPodcastGuru.com/Heil

BoomStand: This boom arm is designed for the Heil but you can use it for the ATR2100 as well. Make sure your mic is always in the right position with this. YourPodcastGuru.com/BoomStand

Shock Mount: Helps prevent noise from moving the mic or bumping the table. Use if you have the Heil. YourPodcastGuru.com/ShockMount

Pop Filter: This helps prevent those plosives from happening. Another must if you have the Heil. YourPodcastGuru.com/PopFilter

Rode SmartLav: Podcasting on the go, recording a speech, or video podcasting. This is the best sounding lavaliere that I’ve found. YourPodcastGuru.com/SmartLav


Roland R-05: Great for field recording, and as an external recorder. YourPodcastGuru.com/Roland

Behringer 802 Mixer: A great starter mixer. YourPodcastGuru.com/802

Mackie Mixer: This is the premium level mixer. When you are ready to step up to higher quality go with the Mackie. I recommend getting an eight channel mixer. I explain why on page ___ YourPodcastGuru.com/Mackie

iMic: Do you need to connect your mixer to your computer in order to run Skype interviews? This adapter is your answer. YourPodcastGuru.com/imic

Mic Flag: Add that extra element of professionalism to your studio by getting your business or podcast logo printed on a mic flag. This flag works great with the Heil boom stand and either the Heil PR40 or ATR2100. YourPodcastGuru.com/micflag

Logitech Pro C920 webcam: If you are recording video on your Skype interviews, I highly recommend going with this camera instead of the built in camera. You will get a much cleaner, clearer picture. YourPodcastGuru.com/webcam

Sony Headphones: These headphones are the ones used by many radio stations, they will give you the truest sound to help you monitor your recording process. YourPodcastGuru.com/headphones


eCamm Call Recorder for Skype: If you need a simple way to record Skype interviews this is the best program out there. YourPodcastGuru.com/CallRecorder

Adobe Audition: Edit your podcast audio like a pro. This is the only program I recommend. YourPodcastGuru.com/audition

Screenflow: The best software for capturing and editing screen recordings. I am amazed at how much I use this program once I got it, everything from how to subscribe to a podcast videos, to content for my audience to instructions for my team. YourPodcastGuru.com/screenflow  

1Password: While this program is not directly related to podcast, way too many people have poor online security habits. 1Password solves that problem plus it makes it ridiculously easy to login to websites. YourPodcastGuru.com/OnePassword

Additional Podcast Resources


Audiojungle: YourPodcastGuru.com/Audiojungle

Make My Intro: I’ve used Tim for a few projects. If you end up using him just mention that you heard about him from me. YourPodcastGuru.com/MakeMyIntro

MusicRadioCreative: This is a very high quality service. YourPodcastGuru.com/MusicRadioCreative

Canva: For podcast album art. YourPodcastGuru.com/Canva

Bluehost: YourPodcastGuru.com/Bluehost

Powerpress: YourPodcastGuru.com/Powerpress

Pretty Links: YourPodcastGuru.com/PrettyLinks

Libsyn: YourPodcastGuru.com/Libsyn

Aweber: YourPodcastGuru.com/Aweber

MailChimp: YourPodcastGuru.com/MailChimp

Leadpages: YourPodcastGuru.com/Leadpages

Elegant Themes: YourPodcastGuru.com/ElegantThemes

Shutterstock: YourPodcastGuru.com/Shutterstock

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