Podcasting For Profits Course

Learn how to grow your business with podcasting

Are you looking for a way to share your message with a wider audience?


Does the process of podcasting feel overwhelming?


Making a great podcast by yourself in a timely manner takes the right combination of knowledge and experience.

Creating a podcast alone is difficult enough without having to worry about figuring out how to record, if your podcast is connected to iTunes, and if your audio quality is actually good.

Whether you’re too intimidated to make your first episode or you’re looking to monetize your current show, I’ll share what I’ve learned the past few years making hundreds of podcast episodes for myself and clients like Hal Elrod, Mitch Matthews, and Peter Voogd.

I believe that anyone can make a high quality podcast. It just takes patience, dedication, and the right amount of focused learning.

That’s why I made this course.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“When I wanted to launch a Podcast, I knew I needed all the help I could get. A friend of mine recommended me to Nick as he is the Podcast expert. I successfully launched CEOMojo.com on Soundcloud, Stitcher, and iTunes. If not for Nick it would much harder to get the business podcast off the ground. He is a really great resource for any questions I have regarding a successful podcast launch, podcast marketing and he understand the podcasting landscape like no one else I ever met.”

Joe Apfelbaum

“Nick Palkowski took my ‘Achieve Your Goals’ podcast from 5,000 downloads (on iTunes) to over 40,000 downloads in the first three months! He is brilliant at what he does, and most importantly, he does EVERYTHING related to publishing a top podcast. I don’t know what I’d do without him, and if you’d like to expand your business and grow your brand/influence, don’t wait another day to work with Nick!

Hal Elrod

I’m so glad I found Nick Palkowski.  He’s masterful at all things podcasting and he’s fantastic to work with!  Nick has not only helped me to hit to the top of the charts on iTunes but he’s also helped me to stay in my sweet spot!  I create the content and he does the rest!  He helps on all levels.  From strategy to implementation to production to promotion.  If you’re a content creator… hire Nick.  He’ll help you to do more of what you do best, help you to grow your audience and help you to have more fun in the process!

Mitch Matthews

What You’ll Learn:


There are so many different places you could start when you want to learn to record and edit podcasts. Trying to figure out where to begin is nearly impossible because there is so much to learn.

Trust me. I’ve been there. I’ve spent countless hours watching endless tutorials to make my podcasts better, but the thing that they were all missing is how to actually use a podcast to grow your business and that is why I put this together.

There are plenty of excuses for not making videos, but “know-how” shouldn’t be one of them.

The course covers:

  • How to set-up your podcasting studio
  • How to get clean audio from any kind of microphone with no echo or noise
  • What to do while recording to save hours editing it later
  • How to plan your content, script it out, and deliver naturally
  • How to launch your podcast for maximum success
  • Plus a complete checklist of the podcasting process


Get this course if you’re serious about growing your business with a podcast.

This is everything I wish I knew when I started podcasting. Through dozens of video lessons I share every step of my process for podcasting. If you are just starting out or are looking to generate some serious business revenue this is the course for you. From the determining your ideal audience member to re-purposing your content to paid products, you’ll learn I’ll walk you through it all in these step-by-step, click-by-click walkthrough videos. This course will help you keep getting in front of the mic and hitting record more often with better results.

The Foundation

This is the key that many, many podcasters overlook. You NEED to get this process right in order to create a podcast that will actually grow your business.

The Gear

Don’t let the equipment hold you back. Too many would be podcasters get overwhelmed when trying to choose the right gear to help them sound amazing. I’ll give you the best options.

The Content

Learn how you can be a content producing machine! Quality content is the key. The best way to grow your business is by consistently adding value to your audience. This section will help you deliver you message.

The Process

We will cover the recording, editing, and posting process include checklist systems to help you produce your shows on a consistent, repeatable, basis in as little time as possible.

The Launch

In this section, we focus on how to kickstart your audience with a strategically launched podcast. With this process you’re going to understand the importance of iTunes New & Noteworthy, how to take advantage of it, and how to build your subscriber base right out of the gate.

The Resistance

The average podcast only last seven episodes. Don’t let all your hard work fade into oblivion. This video will help you fight through the resistance

Who created this course?


Nick’s passion is podcasting. Knowing the power of the spoken word, he knew the potential a podcast can have to inspire and teach. That’s what drove him to put together a team to help other people get their message to their audience with ease.

His company, Your Podcast Guru, is designed to help speakers, trainers, and coaches grow their community by creating websites, podcasts, and membership sites. The goal is to help content creators focus only on creating great content and not worry about any of the technology. Learn more at YourPodcastGuru.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with the course?

You get all the course videos, delivered at least one/week for the next 10 weeks. The course is delivered through Gumroad and you will get an email each time a new video is available. Also, if you order during the launch period you get the bonuses which include a Kickstart Training call, a Question and Answer training call delivered about 30 days after the launch period, AND I will send you the ATR2100 microphone (my recommended starter mic)!

Does the course have a money back guarantee?

It does. If you purchase the course and aren’t satisfied, just write me within 30 days, and you’ll get a complete refund.

Do I get free updates?

Yes, for life. Any future updates to the specific package you buy are free to previous buyers.

How do I watch the videos?

Upon purchase you’ll get access to both stream them over the web or download for offline viewing (even on iOS devices).

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