When you’re the founder of a business or an organization, it can be challenging to find the time to send a consistent message to your audience while creating new content. Join host Nick Palkowski as he interviews keynote speaker, lifestyle coach, entrepreneur, and host of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, Mitch Matthews, on how podcasting has helped him to reach a wider audience and allowed him to specialize in what he does best: creating content.

Long before podcasting, Mitch was finding ways to manage the different prongs of his core business: speaking, one-on-one training, and online training. As a creative, time management was a challenge. Time blocking has allowed Mitch to seek out and connect with people who have complementary skill sets so he can foster some stability in his schedule.

After his time on a local radio show, Mitch realized that he wanted more. He was bumping up against the boundaries of his business and needed to reach a larger audience with his message of helping people dream bigger and achieve their goals.

As a dreamer and a business owner, he started to realize that he couldn’t master everything and turned to Your Podcast Guru to help him provide a consistent message to a wider audience. With Nick and his team taking care of the details, Mitch can focus on creating content and he shares his top three strategies for how he creates his dive-deep episodes:

  1. He borrows from the past
  2. Dialogue with audience
  3. Just show up

By creating bold content that reflected who he is as a person, Mitch figured out who was and who was not his audience base. Don’t be afraid of ticking people off if they don’t like you anyways.

After just three months of starting his DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, Mitch went from 300 downloads a month to 30,000 downloads. The return wasn’t instantaneous, but it was absolutely worth it. Stick with podcasting and see the returns on your investment increase tenfold over just a few months!



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