Are you having trouble finding your purpose?  Have you jumped around from job to job because you can’t find the right fit?  We all have a daydream that plays on repeat in our heads, but how do you take that dream and turn it into something real?  Professional speaker and career coach, Kent Julian, believes that you shouldn’t wait to find significance. “Real success is significance.”

Kent is the founder of Live It Forward, a mission to help people flourish in the most important roles of their lives.  Today he shares his expertise on marketing, finding your vocational calling, and moving from dreaming to doing.

You’ll learn:

  • What makes a great revolving-door marketing strategy
  • Why podcasting is the ultimate content marketing
  • Why Kent finally decided to start podcasting
  • Three lessons Kent has learned about the podcasting process
  • What a vocational calling is and how you can find yours

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