We live in a world of information. A world of content. To make it in this world you need to have exceptional  content…and lots of it. But your life is busy. You have a business, a family. You want a social life. You want to stay in great shape. You want to enjoy life while making an impact….. But how do you make that happen when you spend so much time trying to come up with content to grow your audience and your business.

The answer…. You need to leverage by Re-purposing

Take the content you create in a blog post or podcast, and turn it into other forms. A short instructional video. A resource guide. A book.

There are many different options that you can utilize. Re-purposing is a slightly different way of thinking, a way of looking to maximize.

Why It Helps…

For one, you don’t have to constantly rack your brain week after week for new material to send out to your audience. Consistent, free, high value content is the best way to build a relationship with your audience and grow your business. That’s what we are all looking for. But that doesn’t mean you need to re-invent the wheel every single week. Take some of your high value content and re-purpose it in different ways. This will actually improve the message and implementation of your action steps. Your audience will get more value.

Second, there are several different modes of learning. Some people prefer reading, some audio, others video. Some want in-depth details, others an overview. You want your message to reach them all. Give your audience the chance to consume your material in the format that they prefer. This will keep your audience happy and coming back eager to learn more. And a happy audience member means a happy business owner 🙂

How To Make It Happen…

Too often when I see people trying to adapt the re-purpose mindset all they do is take something like a podcast episode and simply throw it up in various formats, they transcribe it for a blog post, and turn the audio into a video with a static image or a talking head interview. This is lame sauce. Yes, it’s an attempt to provide the material in different formats for your audience but it’s a weak attempt with very little effort. Your audience see that, and instead of raving about how awesome you are…you get an eye roll.

True re-purposing is about creating high quality content designed specifically for that format based off of previously created material. That means taking a specific instruction from a podcast episode, and creating a brand new how-to video going through that instruction step by step in a screencast. It’s taking the resources you mentioned in a YouTube video, and creating a one page resource guide with all the equipment your audience member needs to get started. Or it’s taking blog posts you’ve done over the years and turning them into “here’s how you get started” autoresponder series. It’s about adjusting and adding more value, not simply copying.

Take Action…

Now it’s time for you to test this out. I know it works. I’ve done it. I’ve helped clients do it. Experts like Pat Flynn, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Michael Hyatt are constantly apply re-purposing strategies. It’s time you dip your toe in the re-purposing water too.

Find your most popular blog post or podcast episode. Brainstorm a few options for re-purposing that content into a new format. My favorite to start out with is a resource guide, or a short screencast video but you decide what would fit your content the best. Now go out and create that. Because it’s already been your most popular content you already know that people will find value in the information. Get started and track your results. Next, move onto your second most popular piece. With re-purposing you don’t need to immediately turn every single blog post into another form, just the stuff that is already seeing results. That’s how you leverage your content.

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