Like many entrepreneurs, Laura Roeder quickly became impatient with the corporate ladder and became her own boss. After working a “real job” for a year and a half as a graphic designer, she decided that she wanted to do more and she wanted to do more now.

Today, Laura is responsible for creating a revolutionary social media strategy tool named Edgar. If you haven’t met Edgar yet, you’re going to want to get his number as he has transformed social media marketing from spreadsheets and manual updates to automation and organization.

In this episode, you will…

  • Be inspired by the entrepreneurial shortcuts Laura took to get to Edgar
  • Learn Laura’s strategies for managing people and why delegating can actually disempower your employees and coworkers
  • Discover that it’s ok (and even a good social media strategy) to re-use and repurpose social media posts and how Edgar can help
  • Find out different strategies to use Edgar effectively for content producers and podcasters alike
  • Hear Laura’s tips for bringing guests on to podcasts and how to use social media posts to maximize your audience



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Laura’s Twitter: @lkr


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