We’ve all seen people glued to their devices and we’re taught to think that they’re distracted from the “real world”. But with the rise of social media and online income streams, that is far from the truth for my guest today, Jeff Goins.

Jeff is a fellow podcaster, a blogger, an author, and an online coach, but above all, he is a writer. After years of struggling with marketing himself as a writer, his life mission is to guide others in recognizing the value in their writing and helping them to profit from their talent and hard work.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how the distinction between the “real world” and the “online world” is disappearing and why that’s good news
  • Hear how Jeff built his own platform for sharing his message
  • Discover Jeff’s three best tips for entrepreneurs just starting out
  • Find out why writing is still a valuable skill-even in our digital age
  • Be inspired by Jeff’s thoughts on being compensated for your art


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