​I messed up.

It was bound to happen.

If you’ve been following along the last couple weeks I announced a commitment to a daily email and video and….

I missed a day.

That day turned into three.

It amazing how quickly you can lose momentum when trying to start a new habit or work on a project like this.

It happens in podcasting to so many people.

There’s an initial excitement and energy around creating something new but after about seven episodes….

They miss a week.

It starts to become work. The new and shininess has worn offf. It takes real effort to stay consistent.

That’s where routines, templates, and systems play such an important role.

They lesson the amount of effort and willpower needed to maintain the momentum.

That’s why the Podcasting For Profits membership is packed with templates, checklists, and systems to make it easier for you to keep podcasting.

Click here to join Podcasting For Profits now.

Now, for my daily emails…

…. will I get back on track? I think so. I have a plan now. But you’ll have to wait till later this week to find out how.

Be on the lookout for tomorrow’s email to learn more about the 3 things every podcaster needs.

Until then… Lead on!


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