After speaking at an event, I get a lot of questions from the audience about how to start their own podcasts. After the more technological questions, the most frequently asked question is this: how do I create content for my podcast?

A lot of people hesitate about putting their message out in the world. They fear that they aren’t experts. Get over that fear right now. It’s not not about knowing everything there is to know about your subject. Being an expert is not about having all of the answers.

If you are further along in your journey than your audience and you can help them to avoid the mistakes that you made, then you have knowledge that your audience doesn’t. You are an expert.

To start building your well of content, you can begin with one of the exercises that I share with all of my Your Podcast Guru clients. Start with listing your top 10 most frequent asked questions. Next, come up with 10 questions that your audience should be asking but they aren’t.

Don’t forget that your first episode will be one of the most listened to episodes (no pressure!). You’ll want to tell your story, let the audience know what you’re about, and, most importantly, what they should expect from you. From there, you will want to focus on adding consistent value to the podcast.

For more resources on how to build content for your podcast, text powerofpodcasting to 33444.


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