As one of the most accessible ways to add consistent value for your audience, podcasting is quickly becoming a game changer in the world of entrepreneurs and business owners.  Join host Nick Palkowski as he interviews international success coach, keynote speaker, and international bestselling author, Hal Elrod on building a personal brand and growing your audience.

Starting with Cutco Cutlery at the age of nineteen, Hal surpassed sales records within days of joining the company. But after a devastating car crash where he died for six minutes, he decided that he would dedicate his life to inspiring people. After losing his first business in the Great Recession, Hal created a morning ritual which helped him to take himself and his results to the next level which eventually became the basis for his bestselling book, The Miracle Morning. 

Although Hal began his business with a lot of one-on-one coaching, he is now focusing on expanding his core business strategy by transitioning into more horizontal streams of income. Learn how Hal managed to grow his business by focusing on the scaleability of each of his projects and see the importance of diversifying your streams of income (7:18). Additionally, Hal offers his top three tips for establishing and growing your personal brand (21:20).

Early on in the development of The Miracle Morning, Hal struggled with adding consistent value to his audience. With the help of Your Podcast Guru, he now emails his community once a week with tips and strategies that has helped to build a network of followers. By fostering a relationship of trust between himself and his community, Hal has increased the downloads on his podcast from 5,000 in the first month to 27,000 by the third month.

By succeeding in adding consistent value to his community, Hal has bolstered his business. To kickstart significant change in your life and to take your results to the next level, join the movement and check out Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning.


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