Getting great guests for your podcast—who doesn’t want that? The big question—which I get a lot—is how to get those great guests. And then there’s the flip side: What if you’re looking to get booked as a guest? (Which of course is a good way to help your own podcast!) These are ideal questions for my own guest today, Jessica Rhodes. She’s the founder and CEO of Interview Connections, a company that specializes in connecting podcasts with guests.

And as if that weren’t enough, Jessica’s actually become a power podcaster in her own right with her show Rhodes to Success. She also hosts the hit weekly web show Interview Connections TV and co-hosts The Podcast Producers, an audio series on the art and business of podcasting.

Jessica is brimming with insights from all sides of the mic! Novices, podcasting pros, even experts out there hungry for some podcast action—tune in to learn a ton!

In this episode, you will . . .

  • Get tips for finding guests that are right for your podcast
  • Discover ways to determine your podcast’s ideal content and target audience
  • Learn the one question you need to answer when you pitch yourself for a podcast
  • Hear ways to be a great podcast interviewee
  • Find out what the podcast experts see as the next big development in this medium


Download the Transcript for Episode #019 (PDF)


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