When talking to people about podcasting, inevitably one of the first questions that come up is, “What equipment do I need?” The truth is, very little. A computer or a smart phone that can record audio is it. If you are podcasting as a hobby that is all you need, don’t worry about an extra mic or any other fancy equipment. However, if this podcast is a business tool, don’t settle for second best. The sound quality of a podcast that was recorded with the built in mic on a computer or (please no) on a teleconference line is crap compared to one recorded with more sophisticated equipment.

Will the price tag of your podcasting equipment break the bank?? No, it doesn’t need to. You can spend thousands of dollars on equipment (my home studio cost over $1,000), but the equipment listed below will only cost $120 – not bad for a business investment! If that’s way out of your budget, then podcasting should not be your main focus (harsh but true).

What do you need to get started?

Now that you are convinced to the importance of investing some money into your podcasting equipment, what do you need to get quality audio? The equipment listed below will get you a great sounding podcast. If you rate audio on a 0-10 scale, the equipment listed here will have you at an 8. An amazing bargain.

Your Fast Start Podcasting Equipment

Call Recorder for Skype If your podcast is in an interview format, you need to look into eCamm’s Call Recorder. Call Recorder makes it easy to record Skype calls. It’s inexpensive, highly reliable (at least as far as your Skype audio can be reliable), and simple to use. Check it out at YourPodcastGuru.com/CallRecorder

ATR2100 This is a podcasters secret weapon. A huge mistake many business owners make when jumping into the podcasting world is forgetting about audio quality. Because podcasting is becoming a high end platform, one that is making businesses, you NEED to be concerned with audio quality. But the last thing I want is for you to be overly obsessed with how your audio sounds that you never produce an episode. This little mic takes the stress out of creating quality sound. You can be confident that you sound good and you can now focus on delivering great content. It’s a USB/XLR mic. Meaning, you can plug it directly into your computer (or phone, see below) and when you are ready to step up to the next level, it can transition with you. Find out more at YourPodcastGuru.com/ATR2100

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Bossjock App Want a simple, easy way to create awesome podcast episodes? Check out the Bossjock app for iPad or iPhone. I use this when recording solo shows away from my custom home studio. I LOVE this app. It enables you to pre-load your intro/outro music or any special segment sound effects that allows for a high quality “live-to-tape” podcast episode. Go to YourPodcastGuru.com/Bossjock to find out more.

Camera Connection Kit This adaptor allows you to connect your ATR2100 to your iPad or iPhone. It is an adapter that allows a USB device to be plugged into your phone or iPad. This makes podcasting on the go simple and is a great alternative to an at home studio. YourPodcastGuru.com/CameraKit

Garageband You don’t have an iPhone or iPad to use? You prefer to use a computer? No problem. The only real difference is that you will be plugging your mic into your computer and recording into another software program. I recommend one of two, both are free, Garageband if you are on a Mac, or Audacity. Both will serve as your recording and editing software.

That’s it. You don’t need any more equipment then that to have a great sounding podcast. Don’t let the tech keep you from reaching your audience.

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