It’s now the final day of the 5 Day Get Started Podcasting Challenge!

Before we get to the final challenge, however, I just wanted to say thanks! First, to everyone who followed along with this challenge, especially those who pushed hard through those fears that popped up when recording an episode for the first time.

Imagine the people you may be able to help or provide service to. Don’t ever let that fear stop you from potentially helping them, because remember – a successful business is one that serves!

Whether you finished your recording or not end of this challenge, it doesn’t really matter to be honest. What matters is this:

You are taking action!

That’s more than what 99% of the people who only dream to start something like this someday can say.

I’m getting a little off tangent here, and I know you’re anxious for day 5’s instructions, but I just had to share this because it’s so important!

As you probably can tell, at lot of this “business stuff” is definitely related to what’s happening in the mind. Mindset is everything, because without the right mindset, your’e not going to give yourself the full energy you need to succeed.

You’re on your way though, you’ve been doing great these past few days, so let me stop rambling here, and get to it.


Download the Transcript for Episode #032 (PDF)


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