Every week you sit down to plan and create valuable content for your audience.

Very rarely is it less than an hour of time to produce a podcast episode…

Between planning the content, scheduling the interview, recording, editing, publishing… you can easily be looking at a couple hours each week, and that’s before adding any of the extras like graphics, lead magnets, and emails.

That’s a lot of effort.

But all that effort is worth it because your podcast episode is reaching people and impacting their lives!

In my mind that’s time well spent.

but what if you could reach even more people?

what if you could extend that impact?

One of my biggest frustrations is when creators let their content die.

You put the effort and energy into creating a great podcast episode, release it… and maybe mention it once on Facebook.

That’s a perfect example of dead content.

Content that will be lost after week, only to ever be seen again by the occasional especially eager student.

But that content is still useful. It’s still valuable to your current and future audience.

You just need to make sure they know about it.

That all starts with promotion.

I know it’s hard to believe but people pay far less attention to what you do then you realize.

Their inboxes are flooded, Facebook and other social media controls what they see, and maybe they didn’t open up their podcast app today 😱

It’s possible that a large number of your otherwise loyal audience has know idea you released an episode this week.

It’s your job to let them know (literally… in order to grow your audience and business people need to know about what you create, and that responsibility lies with you.

Having a promotional strategy is important to getting the word out. I’m constantly testing different ways and strategies with our clients and students to see what works best but over the years the constant has been to reach out several times during the first month and beyond.

A basic strategy is to post about your podcast on release day (day 1), day 2, day 6, day 26, and in an ongoing throwback fashion.

Each of these posts should be unique and happen across your various platforms.
Now it can get much more complicated especially when you add in platform like InstaStories or formats like animated images and Insight Quotes.
But don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed, just get started.
Comment and let me know what promotional strategy are you committing to for your podcast.
Start small, get consistent each week, and then slowly add in knew strategies.
If you want to learn more about Podcast promotional strategies I dive into our whole process in the bonus training with the Ultimate Podcast Graphics Template Package that you can pre-order right now.
Plus your have templates for all the promotional material you’ll need! (Including my new personal favorite animated images)


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