Be a problem solver

That’s your main job as a business owner.

When you focus on problem solving your audience grows, your sales grow, your business grows, your impact grows.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the other areas of playing business… the content creation, the funnels, the marketing… they are all fun but the core of what you are is a problem solver.

On this week’s podcast episode I had the chance to interview Mike Morrison. We dived deep into membership sites and how they can potentially be THE BEST way to serve your audience. Click here to listen

Honestly, in most situations I think you should be considering a membership site.

No they are not a one size fits all tool but if your industry is constantly evolving and the topic you’re teaching needs to be updated regularly… a membership site might be the way to go.

Go here to learn more about membership sites and hear my interview with Mike (seriously check it out it’s one of my all time favorites… out of 1,000+)

Are membership sites the answer for everyone no…. but if you’re not seriously considering them you are doing a disservice to your audience.

Comment and let me know…. what problem are you solving for your audience.

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