Do I know enough to run a podcast? I’m not the number one authority on this. 

These are all thoughts that are likely running through your head. You’re wondering if you have what it takes to podcast and add value to your audience. If you are a business owner the answer is a resounding YES.

You know your business. You know the topic your business covers better then your potential clients. That is extremely valuable to the right audience. Your goal is simply to share that knowledge. It’s to educate your current and potential customers with the information they need to make a smart, well informed buying decision. 

Still not sure what to talk about on your podcast? The following exercise will help.

The Questions Exercise

The Questions Exercise is a simple one that leads to great podcast content that you (as the expert on your topic) can often overlook.

  • First, grab a piece of paper and a pen (seriously, look away from the screen and do this. I’ll wait……….)
  • Next, I want you to think about the interactions you have with clients or potential clients. What are the questions that they commonly ask? Come up with a list of the ten most frequently asked questions. 
  • Have your list done yet?
  • The next step you want to do is think about what your clients don’t know they don’t know. Create a list of questions that your clients should be asking to help them make the best purchasing experience possible.

You now have a list of twenty question, go through and for each one write a one to two sentence statement that encapsulates, not necessarily the answer, but why this answer matters to your potential client and their interaction with your product.

Congratulations. You have the basis for twenty future podcasts. Your job will be to elaborate on the question raised, why it matters, and what steps your audience needs to take to remedy the question.

Will each of these be a separate episode? Not necessarily, but they could be. Feel free to experiment with episode length too or simply combine a couple questions. Once you start posting these episodes be on the look out for other questions your clients or prospects have.

Don’t be afraid to straight up ask your audience what topics or questions they would like to hear from you on.

A mentor of mine, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income launched a whole separate podcast just to answering his audiences questions (Ask Pat podcast. Highly recommend subscribing to it). In order to help ensure he had people submitting questions he actually offered a free t-shirt to anyone whose question he used on the air. That’s a great avenue to consider especially if you already have an online following.

Get Started

Now, you are ready to get started. Don’t put it off any longer. Even if you are too nervous to actually publish a podcast start by recording your answers. You can then ask friends or current clients what they think. The big key is to get used to delivering and slowly refining your message.

Podcasting Challenge

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