This episode of the podcast is a special one.

Recently, I ran a 5 Day Get Started Podcasting Challenge. We had some excellent results. So I wanted to release it here on the podcast.

The entire goal of this challenge is to help you through the beginning stages of creating a podcast.

Your podcast can become one of the most important assets in your business. Yes, it can eventually help you sell your products and goods, but most important, it’ll allow you to instantly build a relationship with real people who have given you the signal that they are interested in you and what you have to say.

Your podcast audience can help you learn what pieces of content to create, what products to build, frustrations they are having, success stories they’ve had because of you, and much more.

To sum it all up, your subscribers can help you take the guesswork out of the work you’re doing to build your brand, blog and business.

Before we dive in, I’d like to say one more thing:

This isn’t going to be the most sexy, mind-blowing process you have even seen, because it shouldn’t be. When starting anything, the trick to get moving is to start simple. This process is very simple, and I promise you that it works if you take the time to actually implement it.

We need to start by building a solid foundation. That’s where it all begins. With a solid foundation you’ll be able to grow faster with more confidence that you are taking the right actions. You may see the instructions below and be tempted to write it off because it seems so simple, but I want to challenge you to push past that resistance in this challenge.

Let’s get started…


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Podcasting Challenge

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