Being a podcast guest CAN be a great marketing tool…Keyword: CAN!

I say ‘can’ because I see way too many people failing to utilize podcasts effectively.

First, deliver a great interview. Your content is king… ALWAYS. If your interview sucks and you don’t deliver value, then all the other strategies in the book of tricks are useless. Bring the value. Enough said.

Second, begin with the end in mind. What do you hope to get from the audience you’re talking to? What is your ultimate objective? It could be finding someone to book you for a speaking gig or buy your eBook. Think about how this audience will interact with you as a client or customer. This helps you visualize the direction you’ll guide them in.

Third, nurture the relationship. Think about how to build a relationship with that audience member in a way that will lead to the objective you identified in step two. Sales WILL NOT come directly from your podcast appearance. In fact, I don’t want you pitching at all during interviews.

Even though you’re not pitching, you can still gather leads and get sales. Beginning with your end in mind allows you to work backwards to determine what your ‘nurture sequence’ should look like. If you’ve never created a nurture sequence before, I suggest a five step sequence to start:

Nurture sequence.001

Step 1 : Create a great lead magnet. This is a resource designed to give listeners a quick win that you give away in exchange for their email address. What makes a good lead magnet? Lead magnets should be easily digestible and either give the listeners a fast result or a better understanding of where they are. Think of a one to two page PDF outlining steps, a checklist, or an assessment of some sort — these all make amazing lead magnets.

The lead magnet should be delivered with a welcome email that gets people excited about the information within, and brimful give them more information about you.

Step 2 : Your why email. It’s time to dive deeper into who you are and what you do. This should relate to what you talked about in your lead magnet (after all, they raised their hand and told you which topics interested them). Give them some background about you, your business, and teach them an important lesson you learned on your journey that they could apply in their own life.

Step 3 : Deep Dive email. It’s time to deliver even more value in this email. Again, you want to make sure that what you teach here relates to the lead magnet topic, but you can take one of two approaches in this email.

One, go deeper with an element your lead magnet mentioned. Show the ‘how to’ or breakdown of the element to strengthen their understanding. Two, expand into the wider world. Tell them what steps they need to take after getting results from your lead magnet. Show that they are just beginning the journey and share how you can help them along the way.

The key to this step is providing tons of value and showing your audience that they can still learn a lot more from you.

Step 4 : The Case-Study email. With this email, you want to teach through case-study evidence or by sharing a success story. Your main focus should be to share a client story that illustrates how you helped them achieve a results (again related to the lead magnet’s topic). The side benefit is that by talking about this client’s success, you are subtly saying you can help them get the same results.

At the end of this email you should make a soft pitch. This could even be in the P.S. The basic approach is, “If you’d like to see these same results, work with me.”

Step 5 : The Offer. This is the email where you lay out your full best offer. Let them know all the details and give them some sort of deadline for a special price or added bonus. Deadlines help people take action, so don’t overlook them.

What you just read is the basic structure for a nurture sequence. I highly suggest you have this five step sequence in place BEFORE going on your first interview. If you actually want to use guest spots to drive business, these steps are a must.


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