3 things every Podcaster needs (do you have all three?)

  • Kick Ass Audio
  • Eye Catching Graphics
  • Enticing Lead Magnet

The place where most podcasters fall on their face is in creating eye catching graphics.

If you’re not a professional designer graphics can eat up a ton of your time (and still look like crap 💩 )

The saving grace for me was finding a great designer, and after MANY long conversations with our team I’m happy to announce that we are moving forward with a solution to your graphics woes.

But before I get to that… why do graphics matter?

Apple Podcast store is a main way people decide to listen to your podcast.

If you ever looked at that store you’ll clearly notice that the cover image dominates! Your only opportunity to grab their attention is a split second, and it’s all based on your image. If it doesn’t catch their eye. They move on. Opportunity lost.

People are drawn into images.

The other main way you gain listeners is through social media. Having a unique image for each episode is CRUCIAL to drawing people in. Plus as more and more image based social platforms take huge, highlighting your episodes where people already are is a must.

More Competition In Podcasting (you need to look like a professional).

As more people jump into podcasting, both from a listener and creator standpoint, the cream is rising to the top. It’s important to look professional in order to build trust with your audience. If you’re graphics look like you made them in Microsoft Paint you are adding an extra hurdle for building that know, like, and trust factor you need to grow your audience and business.

Spending time on your graphics is no longer optional.

What’s included in our Ultimate Podcast Graphics Template Package:

5 Different Template Packs

  • Cover Art
  • Episode art solo
  • Episode art guest
  • Insight Quote FB
  • Insight Quote Instagram
  • InstaStory and Facebook Story graphic – solo graphic
  • InstaStory and Facebook Story graphic – guest
  • Leadbox graphic
  • Animated Image Template
  • How to use video and documents
  • Plus a training on our social media strategy

A branding package from a designer will often cost $1,000 or more.

This package is valued at $497.

That’s less than $100 per template pack!

But right now you can pre-order the Ultimate Podcast Graphics Template Package for only $97!

This pre-order offer goes away on Friday.

Do You Want Your Podcast to Look Like You Hired a World Class Designer?

Grab our special pre-order deal now.

In future emails I’ll dive into the other two things podcasters need but your goal for this week is to make sure your graphics catch people’s eye.



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