Everyone seems to be starting a podcast these days.

But the truth is not everyone is going to succeed.

I’ve been involved in podcasting since 2007, and I know exactly why podcasters seem to fail.

There are three big mistakes I see again and again.

The first mistake is believing… If you build it, they will come.

The only person who has ever been right about that is Kevin Costner.

You NEED to have a launch plan in place and marketing know-how to keep the show growing.

Podcasting can yield amazing results, but ONLY IF people know your podcast exists.

The second mistake is… not having a support system. They try to go it alone.

Podcasting, like business in general, can be a very lonely road. You can feel like your just talking to yourself at times, and often your friends and family have no understanding of what you’re going through.

Not being involved a community with other podcasters can lead to self-doubt and burnout.

That’s why I created my Podcasting For Profits membership, and why a huge focus is placed on the marketing of your podcast, and the community of students you get access to is a major component of it.

Not only that, you also have access to me to answer any questions you have along the way (at the start, or even after you get your show up) with our weekly calls.

Podcasting For Profits is designed to help you move through the 5 Stages of Building a Business through Podcasting with specific, constantly updated training videos for each step of the way.

In addition, every week we hold a call that can range from a spotlight session where we focus on a challenge one of the community members is having to an expert interview to a member makeover to open Q & A.

The community is there to support you every step of the way.

That brings me to the third mistake I see people make… waiting to start.

“I need to build my email list first.”

“Once I create my product.”

“I need to develop my message first.”

Don’t let these thoughts hold you back from starting your own podcast.

Because the truth is podcasting will help you overcome each of this hurdles.

To build an email list you need to create valuable content that makes people want to subscribe.

To launch a product you need a group of people who want a problem solved in their life. The best way to create a product that people actually want to buy is to test pieces of that content with them to make sure it resonates.

To develop your voice you need to be creating… in public.

Now is the time for you to get started on your podcasting journey.

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